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Join Us JUNE 4th & 5th and WATCH HISTORY COME TO LIFE! The first annual Premier Pageant of Military History spanning almost 250 years .

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Feel the ROAR of the cannon, hear the sound of artillery fire! Come experience battle re-enactments, see period encampments, check-out vintage vehicles & aircraft and dance at the Victory Canteen to a 1940s-era big band orchestra. This is hands-on fun for the whole family!

You’ll see and experience the real history as it was supposed to be taught in school! Learn about life in the past from living historians and what it took to be a civilian or soldier! This event celebrates the legacy of American military and the forces and cultures of other times and places from 1775 to 1975!

About Us

The Grand Encampment

History Comes Alive at The Grand Encampment! Experience Yesterday Today! Shake hands with the past, meet a-listers from many time periods at our educational spectacular! Our events celebrate the American military & other forces ancient & modern. Experience civilian life spanning 20 centuries. Famous historical figures portrayed by living historians, from the ancient world through the modern, join more than 500 reenactors portraying military units from the ancient world through Vietnam gathering for entertaining and educational weekend events and themed events. “The Grand Encampment events are EDU-cational extravaganzas! We want everyone who attends to literally shake hands with history, from school-age kids to their grandparents because each and every person has a unique history and that collective history is what makes this country so remarkable! Visitors will meet the heroes of America’s past, as well as experience sacrifices made to get us here. We hope everyone with even the slightest curiosity about our historical roots comes out to see these amazing living historians. They invest countless hours and painstaking research into their impressions, costume, and kit, and you will come away dazzled, entertained, and with a lot more knowledge than you came in with!
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09 - 11 Jun 2021


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09 - 12 Jun 2021


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09 - 12 Jun 2021


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09 - 13 Jun 2021

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Jun 2022

4-5 June 2022

Flabob Airport, City of Jurupa Valley, CA


Oct 2022

15-16 Oct 2022

Rancho Jurupa Regional Park
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